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When you contact New Century Consulting, Inc, we immediately start working for you. Our goal is to find the right assignment for you in a timely manner.

    You post your resume into our database. Once the resume is reviewed, our technical requiters schedule an interview with you. Immediately after the interview, we search our client databases and current open work orders to find a potential match. If we do not have an assignment that matches exactly what you are looking for, we then start using our network that allows us to tap into hundreds of opportunities across the Bay Area. Once we have found a pertinent opening, we schedule an interview with a client for you.

    You will get to decide what assignment you would like to work on. We do not submit your information to any clients or other agencies unless you give us authorization to do so. If you decide to pursue one of the opportunities presented to you, we will then submit your resume to the client and do everything we can help you get the assignment.

    Why is it better to use NCC's expertise in looking for the right position? When you explain your expertise and employment preferences to the recruiting staff, we not only hear you but also understand firsthand, from experience, what you are saying. Then, keeping your priorities in mind, we look for the job opportunity that comes closest to ideal. It is your description of yourself drives our search. Your satisfaction is the very heart of the business.

    When you receive an offer, you are required to sign the agreement with NCC and Client before starting work at the client's site. This agreement identifies the terms and conditions of placement by NCC and identifies the relationship among the parties (NCC, the client, and you). If you are hired as an independent contractor, you should provide NCC with following documents:

-Proof of incorporation in good standing

-Certificate of Comprehensive liability insurance

-References from other Consulting arrangements

-Federal tax ID number